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Protect your business with Brianza Insurance

Our commitment to your business

We are the partner of hundreds of companies, to whom we offer personalised advice and risk management services.


Our comprehensive check-up of your company’s needs, thanks also to the advice of our experienced Risk Specialists, allows us to offer you comprehensive and customised cover.

Tailor-made insurance covers

We offer tailor-made cover for companies operating in the furniture, mechanical engineering, construction, catering and distribution sectors.


Our policies cover a wide range of risks, including:

  • fire

  • theft

  • third party/workers liability

  • product liability

    directors’ liability (D&O)

  • electronic damage and machine breakdown

  • leasing policies

  • consequential damages

  • environmental damage

  • legal protection

Cover for traders and professionals

We also cater for traders and professionals, offering ad hoc cover to protect their needs.


Contact us for a free consultation and one of our consultants (with a Risk Specialist if necessary) will visit you at your business premises.

Discover AssiRisto

The insurance solution dedicated to the restaurant industry

For more than 20 years, we have been insuring restaurants and restaurant chains.

Thanks to this specialisation, we decided to create an insurance solution dedicated to this important sector of the Italian economy.

With AssiRisto we protect your business, your employees and your customers.


We insure building and contents including slabs, signs, outdoor curtains and dehors.


Including robbery outside. Including damage due to lack of cold.


Extension of cosmetic cut and burn injuries to employees. Food poisoning including delivery and reputational and image damage.


We insure downtime or momentary closure on Contribution Margin.